Do You Always Have Choice?

(Video transcript)

“Are you always at choice? hmmm. So … do you always have choice as to how your partner responds to you? If you are four feet tall and you want to be six feet tall is there a lot you can do about that? What about the weather? I don’t know about you, I have difficulty predicting the weather let alone controlling it. And you know the more we look at it, the more we find there are many things we don’t really have control over. 

Yet does that really matter? Well … probably not – because of all the things we DO have control over. There are thousands, if not an infinite number of things we have control over.

A little reminder for you right now, simply, that if you are unwittingly putting a lot of energy into things that really, at the end of the day you don’t have control over, then of course what’s happening – is your energy is leaking out and therefore you don’t have as much energy going into the things you can control, the things that you can manage.

So have a think about that. Have a little play with it and Enjoy.

Cheers for now, Jeff.”

Question … What’s one thing you are putting energy into, that maybe needs to be re-evaluated?

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