Unconditional Happiness

‘What is Happiness to you? Is it peace of mind, contentment or perhaps it’s more outcome driven? Ok, so here’s another thought.  Given we all have challenges of one kind or another, what if we were to actually Value those challenges?  Because, after all it’s our challenges that grow us strong and build inner resilience, tolerance and resourcefulness.

I’d like to put to you that Unconditional Happiness is happiness for no reason. You see it is easy to be happy when everything is going well, isn’t it? Yet true happiness I believe is measured by how happy we are when things are not fully supporting us.  It’s how we are in the ordinary moments of life.

And yet there is another dimension again. Spiritual master Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj once said ‘You may or may not be happy – take it in your stride.’

Interestingly, when we take the pressure off ourselves to be happy 24/7 we are more likely to be happy.

Please consider …